NFL Postseason Preview: Who’s likely in?

NFL Postseason Preview: Who’s likely in?

A few teams made statements in Week 13, including several that took home key road wins:

  • The Eagles defeated the Cowboys to claim the lead in the NFC East
  • Aaron Rodgers outplayed Tom Brady to lead the Green Bay Packers to a victory over the New England Patr...
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The Hypocritical Attitude Towards Richard Sherman

After Richard Sherman’s disgraceful comments after Sunday’s NFC championship, I was expecting the media to universally agree that he should be ashamed in himself. However, everywhere you look on ESPN, whether it’s Stephen A...

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Why 2013 is a Great Example of How Bad NFL Experts Are Regarding the Running Back Position.

Before the season, I read numerous articles saying Legarette Blount wasn’t even going to make the Patriots. How Trent Richardson was going to be a pro bowler. I just laughed when reading these articles and wondered how these “experts” had jobs.

So the player who had a career average of 3...

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Thoughts On Lagarette Blount

How come Blount seems to be one of the few running backs who no matter what he does, people always dismiss him?

In 2010, he lead the league in broken tackles even though he only started half the season. The guy had runs that some first round picks would dream of having...

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Has Anyone Noticed How Historically Good Jamaal Charles Has Been?

Has a player ever in the history of sports put up as many historical records as Jamaal Charles has in his three year career, and still be so unknown and so under the radar. Let’s take a look at what Jamaal Charles
has done so far in his short career.

In 2009, Jamaal Charles finished the season with ...

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Kobe Bryant Is Still One Of The Most Overrated Players in NBA History

As I sat there watching Kobe Bryant win his first championship without Shaq, I felt a sudden sadness. A sadness, that the game of basketball doesn’t usually cause.

It wasn’t the same sadness you get when your favorite team loses, but it was the type of sadness you get when you realize that justice i...

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The Top Five: Best 4-3 Defensive Tackles in the NFL

In any defense, the tackles may be the most important part.

They are the first line, and they’re the tone-setters. Their play can determine the difficulty or ease of the linebackers, cornerbacks, and safeties behind them.

If the line is playing well and keep the linebackers clean, odds are that team...

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Linebacker Byron Evans: One of the Eagles’ All-Time Greats

Part of a long tradition of great Eagles’ inside linebackers, Byron Evans, is unquestionably the most underrated Eagle at that position ever.  Chuck Bednarik, Bill Bergey, Jeremiah Trotter and Stewart Bradley all deserve their high praise, but so does Evans so here it comes.

Byron should be known ...

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Keys to the Game: Eagles vs. New Orleans Saints

Getting a win in Week 1 is vital, but getting a win in Week 2 can start a roll that can last deep into the season. Every season at least one team does it, and both of these teams are prime candidates to get on such a roll.

The Saints come into Philadelphia toting possibly the most explosive offense ...

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Keys to the Game: Eagles at Carolina Panthers

Week 1 can be the most important game of the entire year for a football team. For example, Eagles fans will remember Week 1 of the 2007 season as the game that doomed the Eagles for the year, but sent the Green Bay Packers to the NFC Championship game.

Many would question how the first game could po...

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